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_im ready so dont stop


Hello fair ladies and gentlemen of LJ, this is Cassandra reporting to you at last from night time Richmond Hill.
Ah crap, my brain hurts. I haven't written anything in a long time and Im just kinda not getting things.
Someone once told me that I cant handle change, and everything is thrown off for me when it happens.
I dont even know that person too well, but their damn right straight up yo.
Just a lot of crap has been changing, with everything and everyone and myself and its throwing me off.
I dont need stressssss...... Im a happy girl.

Today, we had that English play thing. We actually had a good time, hanging out with the unviersity folk who actually payed no attention to our grade nine minds except to ask me to move so they could grab a water bottle. Still, the play was alright, Pesce kept throwing nibs at my head so that I nearly choked her in my mind, but it was still okay. Then we got out and such, and we were gonna leave but then some guy named Steven was unable to be found. We were held back from going home for like, an hour and some, and then we find out he went home. Stupid Steven T. Poor guy though, no one knew him. Literally at all.

Once upon a time, there was a brain, and there was a girl. The brain said to the girl, "I'm getting a stress signal, wtf mate?" and the girl told the brain to ask the heart. So the heart was all "man, Im in so many places and its makin' you hurt." and the brain said that it wasn't a problem and that the heart would be okay. But they were worried about the girl because she was still smiling, even if her brain was confused and herheart was in so many places. To be continued...

Im actually okay, even if I seem all OMIGOSH CASSIE WHATEVER IS WRONG. Nah. Im good. Just jumbled up really good.
thats all.
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