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make us it, make us hip, make us scene [entries|friends|calendar]

I'm in a car underwater with time to kill, I didn't care that you left and abandoned me, what hurts more is I would still die for you.
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[02 Jan 2007|10:04pm]
Comment on the friends only post at:
thanks BYE
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Ohdear [16 Dec 2006|11:57pm]

Quite possibly the funniest thing Iv'e ever seen.
Using Adrianna Lima's pictures as your own?
Oh dear.
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[06 Nov 2006|05:18pm]
I think I broke my bum
it hurts

[01 Oct 2006|11:21am]

_lullaby's fill your room, and i will be singing [25 Sep 2006|03:12pm]

A girl freezes in a telephone booth.
In her draughty overcoat hides
A face all smeared
In tears and lipstick
She breathes on her thin palms.
Her fingers are icy. She wears earrings.

She'll have to go home alone, alone,
Along the icy street.

First ice. It is the first time.
The first ice of telephone phrases.

Frozen tears glitter on her cheeks -
The first ice of human hurt.

-- Andrei Voznesensky

Mm. Love that. Love that a lot. I was just thinking today that you honestly learn more about people from looking at the format of their online journals, rather than what you read. I mean, clearly readiing helps too, but if you look at mine. It's the biggest mass of randomness. The dates are just whenever I felt like updating, what I put down is clearly just stupid teenage ramblings that I might think about in twenty years and wonder why I was such an idiot.But thats how it works.


_our lips can touch here [19 Sep 2006|04:26pm]
I realized that Iv'e abandoned this journal, and that even though no one really comments and such, that I should update for my own good and need so that I realize I really am doing something with my life.
First of all, school has clearly begun. Goodness, it's quite a mess. You see, I started out all my classes not really liking many of the people in them. And. That hasn't changed all that much. For math, it's pretty much just me, palm, bianca and our humour together. Yes. Drama. I have Karina, Liz, Aj? Alexis? Nicki? Ah man. Sad. But still, it's drama. we do nothing, except make fun of how mister gares is an idiot and doesnt notice our cheating on tests. Silly. And then, there's english, which is actually pretty fun. Alyssa, Alanna, Me but it's still fairly fun. Religion. Bianca, Natalie, AND ALI LEFT ME. But meh. It hasn't been so bad.

So, the past weekend was pure good. Alanna, Claire and myyysellf went to lazer quest, where me and Alanna got sick from. But I swear, the people who go there are either freaks, or 8. We're neither, which is why we were so out of place. Yes. And then, Saturday, Kathleen and meee went to the Clothing Show downtown and I got some wicked stuff. Likeee this blue and white vintage necklace that I love. AND THESE EARRINGS THAT ARE BUTTONS. Actual buttons, made into earrings. Pretty sweet. And a watch and some other shit and such. Then Sunday, me, my mommy and my daddy were driving all down to Prince Edward County. I know. I know. But we went to a beach and me and my dad took pictures.


I'm doing pilates. And I joined year book. Yay for extra curricular?

_I'm following myself, just this once [27 Aug 2006|08:54pm]
Hi everyone =)
Yes these are more frequent updates.
Yes they are all fairly pointless.
Yes, I cry nearly everytime I hear the song Rescued, by Jack's Mannequin.

I swear, it's just one of those songs that does stupid things to me, but I hear it and i get all happy, and confident and such, until it's over. And then I replay it, and replay it, then put it on repeat. It's one of those strange thngs I always do.

Anyways. brief over view of the last view days

---ryann came over
--- we had fun
--- went to Hillstreet Blues nd bought two pairs of pretty jeans
--- went for bikeride with daddy
--- got some vitamin e for ugly scars from ugly rash
--- took little kids to park as a part of babysitting
---to bee continued

aahhh yay.
ima go get some rainbow sorbet. and by the way, I jsut found out that Iv'e been calling it sherbert from since I was little, when really, its sorbet. That makes me giggle.
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_ I wish I was like you; easily amused [21 Aug 2006|06:24pm]
It's funny, that now that it's almost gone, Im suddenly treating it a lot more like summer. Which is good I guess, because then at least I get some of my summer in, which is better than nothing. Still, I dont wanna go back to school. Back to everything. Everything isnt so bad either. But im okay with doing nothing for now.

Anyways. I bought a bag for school today. I rather like it =) Andd I officially hate mac computers. They dont work well for me. Well they work well, but I dont work well on the them AND ITS PISSING ME OFF. Ah. My other computer died. My tv froze today. My cellphone charger is lost. My electrical equipment is rebeling against me. Saying GET OFF YOUR ASS YOU LAZY SHIT. So I took my dog for a walk, bought underwear and a school bag and came home and read. Thats getting off my ass, right? So Can I hav my stuff back? =)

Guess not. But oh well. I was watching the Breakfast club today, and craaap. It hasnt changed all that much has it? I mean you have the princesses, the nerds, the criminals, the basket cases, the athletes, blah blah. Its true. We have them. We have the bullshit that comes with highschool, the insecurities, all that crap. Kay, its not the worst thing, and everyone is gonna telling you that somewhere else, people have it much worse. That doesnt help you out too much though, does it? No. It doesn't, because even if someone else, somewhere is starving and diseased, it still doesnt change your feelings.


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You're so naive, your so.. [16 Aug 2006|11:53am]
Hi =)
I'm actually kinda confused at the moment. Nothing specific, maybe just a general confusion. It's a lot of things just put together to make this large mass of confusion. I can't sleep anymore, or when I do it's just a few hours. Maybe because school's starting, and I want to go back, but then I'm dreading it at the same time because I sort of already know what it's going to be like. Just the same bullshit, all that jazz.

And pisses me off more than anything.

I get over it though, eventually, I always do. I just want it to stop sometimes, you know. Just to stop, so that everything can chill out. It's hard though, because everyone feels they need to be right in your face, in your buisness and you just want them to get out. Get lost, go get a life. That's how it is for me. So, this journal won't be friends only anymore, simply because I have nothing personal to put. I will make a personal journal though, and if Im comfortable with you knowing about my life, you can come in and see my thoughts  YAY

So. Lets talk about recently.

I went to Buffalo, and it was pretty sweet cause I did a shitload of shopping. AND I SAW ALI BABA. Ahah. We were in Footlocker in the Walden Galleria mall, and then I heard her mom call her name and I saw her and I was all, "ALI" and then we talked, and we were looking at the same shoes but I got them and she didnt succcker. And I realized, that the girls in Abercrombie are quite bitchy. And then that night I was thinking that if I was famous, they wouldn't be bitchy to me. They would be nice. And then I was watching Laguna beach today and I decided that I want to be rich, so I'm applying for a job today.

Oh man.
Summers nearly gone.

[01 Aug 2006|02:47pm]

[8 Fashion]
[6 random celebs]

Short post, but I wanted to get these out so  bad.
Comment with specific number.
Credit please =)


 Also, please join my community
xfabulo_us where we have graphics of all sorts between me and a friend of mine!


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[28 Jul 2006|10:39pm]
Dear Cassie,

You have a nice______. You make me _______. You should _______. Someday I will ______. You + me =________. If I saw you now I'd __________. I would build a _______ just for you. If I could sing you any song it would be _________.


(P.S. ______________.)

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=) [10 Jul 2006|10:30pm]
[ mood | tired ]


_I dont wanna hurt him anymore [27 Jun 2006|05:22pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

"one question. you can ask me. i'll answer it truly. but on one condition. you post this in your lj too for other people to ask you."



[21 Jun 2006|10:03pm]

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Resources [11 Jun 2006|09:54am]

If you see any of your brushes/textures/gradients that I used and are not in the credited list, please let me know =) You'll be added. I used to only make icons for myself, so I never credited . Trying to make up for it now.

[11 May 2006|04:52pm]

Thanks dears
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_im ready so dont stop [04 May 2006|09:52pm]
[ mood | crushed ]


Hello fair ladies and gentlemen of LJ, this is Cassandra reporting to you at last from night time Richmond Hill.
Ah crap, my brain hurts. I haven't written anything in a long time and Im just kinda not getting things.
Someone once told me that I cant handle change, and everything is thrown off for me when it happens.
I dont even know that person too well, but their damn right straight up yo.
Just a lot of crap has been changing, with everything and everyone and myself and its throwing me off.
I dont need stressssss...... Im a happy girl.

Today, we had that English play thing. We actually had a good time, hanging out with the unviersity folk who actually payed no attention to our grade nine minds except to ask me to move so they could grab a water bottle. Still, the play was alright, Pesce kept throwing nibs at my head so that I nearly choked her in my mind, but it was still okay. Then we got out and such, and we were gonna leave but then some guy named Steven was unable to be found. We were held back from going home for like, an hour and some, and then we find out he went home. Stupid Steven T. Poor guy though, no one knew him. Literally at all.

Once upon a time, there was a brain, and there was a girl. The brain said to the girl, "I'm getting a stress signal, wtf mate?" and the girl told the brain to ask the heart. So the heart was all "man, Im in so many places and its makin' you hurt." and the brain said that it wasn't a problem and that the heart would be okay. But they were worried about the girl because she was still smiling, even if her brain was confused and herheart was in so many places. To be continued...

Im actually okay, even if I seem all OMIGOSH CASSIE WHATEVER IS WRONG. Nah. Im good. Just jumbled up really good.
thats all.

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[28 Apr 2006|10:46am]
[ mood | amused ]

Hi everyone =)
and updating her journal because she hasnt in some quite a long time.
I lost my gym clothes= screwed.
But its okay because I always win in the end.
So I have a suplly teacher so it doesnt matter entirely what Im doing at the moment.
Ive always wanted to update from in school.
Silly, I know. but what am I going to be if its not silly?
Alright folks.
Lately has been good. I'll just sum it up
Claires birthday=fun
The Benchwarmers= nearly peed+stupid movie
Tonight= Stick it? Maybe?



[04 Dec 2005|06:55pm]
Image hosted by TinyPic.com
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