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You're so naive, your so..

Hi =)
I'm actually kinda confused at the moment. Nothing specific, maybe just a general confusion. It's a lot of things just put together to make this large mass of confusion. I can't sleep anymore, or when I do it's just a few hours. Maybe because school's starting, and I want to go back, but then I'm dreading it at the same time because I sort of already know what it's going to be like. Just the same bullshit, all that jazz.

And pisses me off more than anything.

I get over it though, eventually, I always do. I just want it to stop sometimes, you know. Just to stop, so that everything can chill out. It's hard though, because everyone feels they need to be right in your face, in your buisness and you just want them to get out. Get lost, go get a life. That's how it is for me. So, this journal won't be friends only anymore, simply because I have nothing personal to put. I will make a personal journal though, and if Im comfortable with you knowing about my life, you can come in and see my thoughts  YAY

So. Lets talk about recently.

I went to Buffalo, and it was pretty sweet cause I did a shitload of shopping. AND I SAW ALI BABA. Ahah. We were in Footlocker in the Walden Galleria mall, and then I heard her mom call her name and I saw her and I was all, "ALI" and then we talked, and we were looking at the same shoes but I got them and she didnt succcker. And I realized, that the girls in Abercrombie are quite bitchy. And then that night I was thinking that if I was famous, they wouldn't be bitchy to me. They would be nice. And then I was watching Laguna beach today and I decided that I want to be rich, so I'm applying for a job today.

Oh man.
Summers nearly gone.
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