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It's funny, that now that it's almost gone, Im suddenly treating it a lot more like summer. Which is good I guess, because then at least I get some of my summer in, which is better than nothing. Still, I dont wanna go back to school. Back to everything. Everything isnt so bad either. But im okay with doing nothing for now.

Anyways. I bought a bag for school today. I rather like it =) Andd I officially hate mac computers. They dont work well for me. Well they work well, but I dont work well on the them AND ITS PISSING ME OFF. Ah. My other computer died. My tv froze today. My cellphone charger is lost. My electrical equipment is rebeling against me. Saying GET OFF YOUR ASS YOU LAZY SHIT. So I took my dog for a walk, bought underwear and a school bag and came home and read. Thats getting off my ass, right? So Can I hav my stuff back? =)

Guess not. But oh well. I was watching the Breakfast club today, and craaap. It hasnt changed all that much has it? I mean you have the princesses, the nerds, the criminals, the basket cases, the athletes, blah blah. Its true. We have them. We have the bullshit that comes with highschool, the insecurities, all that crap. Kay, its not the worst thing, and everyone is gonna telling you that somewhere else, people have it much worse. That doesnt help you out too much though, does it? No. It doesn't, because even if someone else, somewhere is starving and diseased, it still doesnt change your feelings.


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