makeus_itx (makeus_itx) wrote,

_I'm following myself, just this once

Hi everyone =)
Yes these are more frequent updates.
Yes they are all fairly pointless.
Yes, I cry nearly everytime I hear the song Rescued, by Jack's Mannequin.

I swear, it's just one of those songs that does stupid things to me, but I hear it and i get all happy, and confident and such, until it's over. And then I replay it, and replay it, then put it on repeat. It's one of those strange thngs I always do.

Anyways. brief over view of the last view days

---ryann came over
--- we had fun
--- went to Hillstreet Blues nd bought two pairs of pretty jeans
--- went for bikeride with daddy
--- got some vitamin e for ugly scars from ugly rash
--- took little kids to park as a part of babysitting
---to bee continued

aahhh yay.
ima go get some rainbow sorbet. and by the way, I jsut found out that Iv'e been calling it sherbert from since I was little, when really, its sorbet. That makes me giggle.
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