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I realized that Iv'e abandoned this journal, and that even though no one really comments and such, that I should update for my own good and need so that I realize I really am doing something with my life.
First of all, school has clearly begun. Goodness, it's quite a mess. You see, I started out all my classes not really liking many of the people in them. And. That hasn't changed all that much. For math, it's pretty much just me, palm, bianca and our humour together. Yes. Drama. I have Karina, Liz, Aj? Alexis? Nicki? Ah man. Sad. But still, it's drama. we do nothing, except make fun of how mister gares is an idiot and doesnt notice our cheating on tests. Silly. And then, there's english, which is actually pretty fun. Alyssa, Alanna, Me but it's still fairly fun. Religion. Bianca, Natalie, AND ALI LEFT ME. But meh. It hasn't been so bad.

So, the past weekend was pure good. Alanna, Claire and myyysellf went to lazer quest, where me and Alanna got sick from. But I swear, the people who go there are either freaks, or 8. We're neither, which is why we were so out of place. Yes. And then, Saturday, Kathleen and meee went to the Clothing Show downtown and I got some wicked stuff. Likeee this blue and white vintage necklace that I love. AND THESE EARRINGS THAT ARE BUTTONS. Actual buttons, made into earrings. Pretty sweet. And a watch and some other shit and such. Then Sunday, me, my mommy and my daddy were driving all down to Prince Edward County. I know. I know. But we went to a beach and me and my dad took pictures.


I'm doing pilates. And I joined year book. Yay for extra curricular?
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